Airborne into the Clouds

using Digits by Extent of the Jam

A collaboration with Bjporter for
the KVR One-Synth-Challenge
Deep trance style with lots of melodic motifs and rhythmic arpeggios. I created sounds and melodies, Bjporter brought rhythms, arrangements, bass and production shine to it all. 

Jenny created the Video and graphics.

Cris-TAL Thrall

This was made using a single instance of Crisalys by MaxSynth & TAL Reverb.

I used the essence of it as background for 'Singing Crystal' which was entered for the KVR One-Synth-Challenge

The tune was inspired by Anne McCaffrey’s excellent Crystal Singer series of books

Artwork and Video by Jenny Semper


YouTube Videos

here are links to a couple of playlists of my tunes.