Hi, and welcome to my website

I am an electronic music enthusiast, dabbling with synths, sound design and computer music production. 

This site is intended to showcase some of my work.
For several years I have been involved with the KVR One Synth Challenge, which is a monthly music competition, where the challenge is to create a track with a single virtual synthesiser (chosen each month) for all sounds, including percussion.

I have produced a number of instrumental tracks for the Challenge - these can be found on Soundcloud.

Check my Music Page for further info on this and also my 2 electronic albums. Some of my tracks can also be played on Youtube - details on the Videos page.

If you are a synth enthusiast I have also made presets available for several soft synths, these are detailed on the Sounds page, along with links to more information about the synths.

My Featured Five Tracks