KVR One Synth Challenge (OSC)

More Tracks can be found on my Soundcloud where they can be played for free.

These were mostly created for the KVR One-Synth-Challenge competition, which features a different synth each month, and can be quite addictive. Below is an example track.

Happy Place Album

“Happy Place” - where I go to in my head composing tunes.

These were all created on the computer using virtual synthesisers.
Available on Spotify (see left) Amazon and itunes.

If you would like a CD ask me and I will see what I can do 

Life and Fantasy Album

This is a collection of tunes I created between 2003-2009 and was my first electronic album. All were made using Soundfonts with no effects or comression, so sounds a bit dry.

Available on Spotify Amazon and itunes.

Or Listen to the whole album on YouTube